Sport Board 2014-2015
President: Georgios A. Kourkoulis
Born in Greece ( Sparta ) immigrated to USA in 1976
Active Newark resident
Community Volunteer
Chef by trade & passion
Hobbies include: gardening, cultural events & outdoor activities
Soccer enthusiast
33 year of coaching experience
Daughter Athena has been attending Saint Francis Xavier since kindergarden and, is now in 8th grade
Founder of Saint Francis Xavier Athletics Program

Vice President: Ana da Silva
Born in Portugal immigrated to USA in 2000
Active Newark resident
Graduated from Essex County College in 2009 (Education)
Expect to graduate from Montclair State University on May 2015 (Fashion Studies)
Mother of 1 Child, which is attending Saint Francis Xavier Schoo
” My goal at Saint Francis Xavier is to provide the children new activities, and at the same time help to improve the School”

Secretary: Zuleyka Cumbicos
Born in Puerto Rico immigrated to USA in 1999
East Orange resident
Dental Assistant (RDA) for more than 7 years
Mother of 2 Children; one attending Saint Francis Xavier and the other one Sandy Lane Daycare
“Loving being part of the Sport athletic committee and looking forward for the welfare and future of our Students.”

Marketing: Orlando Perez

Treasurer: Ariel Rodriguez

Legal Adviser: Gissel Ortiz

Sport Mom & Dad chairperson: Chantal Mensah
Born In Africa (Togo) immigrated to USA in 1998
Fluently speak French
Work for Whole Food Market since 2006
Have 3 children all attended Saint Francis Xavier; the 2 oldest graduated from this school and, the youngest child is in 5th grade now.
” I am a member of the School athletic committee and, I am so proud to be part of the committee to help out for the well being of our children.”
Public Relations: Elizabeth Rosario

PDF: Sport Registration Form 2014