Remedial Services

Speech and Language:
Speech and language therapy is available to students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade who exhibit communication delays or disorders. Students with delays in language, articulation, fluency and voice quality are evaluated, diagnosed and determined eligible for therapy on site and will receive therapy during school hours.

Title I Program:
St. Francis Xavier offers the Title I Program taught by a state certified teacher. Instruction is individualized and structured. Participation in this program will enable your child to receive basic reading instruction in a smaller teacher/student environment. The goal is to help them better reach their potential. The students meet three times a week for approximately thirty to forty minutes.

Guidance Counselor and Assessment Testing:
St. Francis Xavier School has a Guidance Counselor on staff that can assist with many different student needs including: Individual Counseling where the student will meet with the counselor individually to discuss a specific problem; Group Counseling where students with similar counseling issues meet in groups to develop the necessary skills to meet their goals; andGuidance Lessons where the counselor will teach character education lessons to students in grades kindergarten through eight throughout the school year.