About Us

The St. Francis Xavier Staff believes each child is an individual composed of body and soul, created by God to be regarded with dignity and respect. We strive to provide a comprehensive and well balanced educational experience for the children of grades Pre K – 8 at St. Francis Xavier School. We stress proper attitudes, a respect for authority, and the need for the students to develop into mature, self directed and future responsible citizens. The school community of St. Francis Xavier believes that life is a precious gift to be used wisely according to each person’s talents and limitations. The belief is served through the educational ministry offered to the local community supported by the guidelines of the Archdiocesan School Office. 

The mission of Jesus observed by the Church is the dominant theme through which all aspects of our educational experience is realized. The image of Christ is the focal point in all areas of education.In addition, the Catholic students must be motivated to accept and practice the belief and values of our faith and communicate the message of these Christian values in the parish and school setting. We further believe that within each child we must foster a respect for people of difference races and cultures as individuals created by God in His image.

Furthermore, St. Francis Xavier School seeks to provide the students with an academic program which challenges the gifted student, encourages the average student and furnishes remediation for the slow learner. The school community recognizes the need to create in each student a curiosity for questioning, learning, critical thinking and decision making skills. Mindful of the social and political concerns of the twenty-first century we believe our students must be prepared to assume active civic responsibility. Further, the students must be prepared to take their place in the modern technological world.

The student’s learning environment, although tangibly noted as the school, is in fact comprised of a much broader community. Parents, pastor, clergy, and teachers make up the community. It is within the close interaction among this group that we believe serves as the hope and inspiration for the students to live the teaching of Jesus as well as their civic responsibilities.

The school community sets out to meet these goals:

– to present the image of Christ as the focal point in all areas of education

– to motivate the students to accept the beliefs and the values of the Catholic faith

– to communicate the message of Christian service in a parish setting

– to foster within each child, a respect for people of different races and cultures as individuals created by God in His image

– to prepare students to assume active civic responsibility

– to create in each student, a curiosity for questioning, learning and decision-making

– to meet each child at his or her particular level and to provide for his or her individual needs and differences